Are you a “Reacher”

First, I’ve taken a sabatical for a while and have been inactive on the site.  Why?  Because now that I’m back in the juice running a new software company, it’s difficult to write about the company I work at. 

Since I’ve been back at it over the past 8 months, have you noticed everyone’s become a “reacher”, as in “I’ll reach out to her” or “Why don’t you reach out to him?”  Where did this reaching come from?

For the record , I don’t reach.  I refuse to reach.  I call – I write – I’ll “get in touch with”, but I don’t reach.   It seems reaching is  now the politically correct method of contacting someone.

~ by lschwartz on March 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Are you a “Reacher””

  1. Do you think it’s because it sounds more positive (or maybe even like its more of an effort?) like they’re making an overture or extending an olive branch? I agree, a phone call is just that. Unless you have to cash in a chip or something, its usually no big deal to “reach out”.

  2. I was at a reunion of sorts for a former company last week and thre was so much reaching I felt violated!

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