White Lines

Not those white lines.   I’m talking about the white lines on our Montreal roads.  They seem to be disappearing faster than the Javan Rhinoceros.  Like many things in Quebec that other Provinces and States take for granted, I don’t know when the white lines on the roads became optional?  Why is it that we seem to make signs on roads, lines on roads, and road themselves seem like ground-breaking ideas and technologies? And please don’t say it’s because of our harsh winters because the last time I checked, there were other cities equally North and with equally harsh winters that still managed to put down some white lines so they didn’t give the drivers panic attacks trying to figure out if the road is supposed to have one, two, or three or even four lanes.  Drivers in Quebec are just so used to this stupidity, we don’t even think twice about it.  Take a drive on Highway 20 going East, and try to get to the 520 going East – two major roads in the city.  You don’t have much of a chance of achieving this challenging feat since the only sign for the 520 comes after 2 splits in the road with absolutely no indication.  So simple math will tell you that have 25% chance of making it on the first try.  Now think about those friendly, money spending tourists, that are now stressed out of their minds trying to return their rental car and make their flight.  They’re cursing this city because we don’t have proper road signs and proper lines on the road.  So next time you’re driving to work and realize you need to move over because the right lane is actually the middle lane, you should also realize it’s costing the tax payers money because it’s just another reason for businesses and tourists to spend their money elsewhere.

~ by lschwartz on June 28, 2015.

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